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Water is of Highest Quality and Already in Compliance with Highest Federal, State and Local Standards

PLAINVIEW, NY April 5, 2021 – Amidst recent news reports generalizing the state of Long Island Water, Plainview Water District Commissioner confirms that Plainview water exceeds standards and is fully in compliance with New York State requirements.

During the pandemic residents already stressed about their health should know their water meets the highest standards. Recent statements made by Citizens Campaign for the Environment were both misleading and confusing.

“Water quality is ultimately about the overall health and wellness of the community,” says Amanda Field, Commissioner of the Plainview Water District. “Anyone sounding alarm bells unnecessarily is doing a disservice to the public. Plainview Water Commissioners have spent the last four years fighting to secure the most technologically advanced treatment to ensure clean water for all residents; and we have met that goal ahead of schedule.” continued Field.

Before New York State enacted new water standards, the District had already implemented treatment. Sourcing the latest technology and scientific advancements, the Plainview Water District was ahead of the curve. Consistently providing the highest quality water to residents, the district also secured grant funding of nearly nine million dollars to offset the cost of treatment. At a time when people are overcome with anxiety and uncertainty, it is more important than ever to deliver complete, truthful information that offers residents the reassurance they deserve.

While Citizens Campaign for the Environment may have been well intended, to make blanket statements about poor water quality on Long Island without clearly informing the public that their district has exceeded health and safety guidelines is irresponsible. Residents need to know they have the highest quality water that meets the most rigorous standards. Fear-inducing, inaccurate, over-generalized statements are not helpful.

Recently, the New York State Department of Health issued a statement explaining the current situation: “Unfortunately, CCE [Citizens Campaign for the Environment] is misinforming the public about New York's MCL [maximum contaminant level] process and the deferral requirements for our nation-leading drinking water standards," state Department of Health spokesman Gary Holmes said.

The Plainview Water District did not defer treatment to a later date, rather implemented a full-scale remediation plan, and was in full compliance in advance of new State guidelines.

All water suppliers were required to submit a plan for remediation prior to new State Regulations. While some districts asked for a deferral to meet the new standards, Plainview had proactively planned for treatment and put in place the processes to ensure all wells in use met the highest standards. Any sweeping generalizations regarding water safety does a disservice to the people and undermines the integrity of the process.

“As a mom, and cancer survivor, I am committed to delivering high-quality water and have spent years immersing myself in the science and technology to put the most protective measures in place,” says Field. The health of our families and community will always be my priority and that starts with our water. I made that promise to our District, and I kept it.”


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