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The First Official Grassroots Think Tank for Residents to Have a Voice in the Future of Government

OYSTER BAY, NY, June 10, 2021 – Today, in the first major step towards building a better future for the people of Oyster Bay, the Oyster Bay Democrats announced the “Oyster Bay Strong” Listening Program.

In a focused effort to shape the collective vision for the future, the program will serve as an official platform to build open, honest communication with residents through in-person and virtual focus group sessions. Seeking out and listening to different voices is paramount to building a successful solution-oriented government and has been missing in the Town of Oyster Bay for decades.

For decades, the Town of Oyster Bay Republicans have functioned in a vacuum, denied residents’ freedom of speech, violated open meetings law, and ignored requests for information. They have become notorious for making backroom deals in the dark of night.

“For too long, residents have been silenced by a Republican machine that cares more about photo opps and political propaganda than they do about the people,” says Dave Mejias, Town Leader, Oyster Bay Democratic Committee. “It’s time for strong, competent, courageous leadership that is open to public input.”

The goal of the “Oyster Bay Strong” Campaign is to engage the greater community, get their thoughts, and proactively give those who may or may not be actively involved a voice in shaping the future of their Town.

“This is the first formal program in Oyster Bay dedicated to truly listening to the vision and concerns residents have for their neighborhoods, says Amanda Field, Plainview Water District Commissioner and Candidate for Town of Oyster Bay Supervisor. “The community deserves to be heard and the “Oyster Bay Strong” Program will do just that.”

The Program creates opportunities to solicit input from residents of varying demographics, across all hamlets. People will not have to make the onerous drive to Oyster Bay to offer feedback, the campaign brings that opportunity to them.

“Oyster Bay has historically been a bright light of opportunity, yet today resources remain inequitably distributed, and access to information granted predominantly to the politically privileged,” says Reema Rasool, Candidate for Town Council. “Listening to residents is an investment that is integral to a successful community.”

The “Oyster Bay Strong” Campaign will go to the people to solicit feedback and foster community involvement through multiple channels.

· In-person Small Group Think Tanks

· Virtual Issue-Oriented Focus Group Sessions

· Information Collection Questionnaires

“Giving people a way to be heard is the first step towards greater engagement in the future of the community, and sometimes that means hearing what you don’t want to hear,” Field continued.

The overall purpose is to see what new themes emerge, understand the collective mindset, and encourage more people to engage in the political process. Absent of this information, the status quo remains. It is long time to move forward on the path to progress.


Contact: or 516-210-4989

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