Amanda FIELD


Amanda Field is a community leader, advocate and accomplished business professional. She currently serves as Commissioner of the Plainview Water District and holds prominent positions on several community boards. Field remains dedicated to public service has a proven track-record advocating for public health and wellness. She has emerged as a prominent leader in water, proactively seeking out the most advanced scientific experts and the latest technology securing record-breaking grant funding from New York State for clean water infrastructure projects.  

She has experience working across governmental agencies, managing contracts, vendors, and large-scale projects and budgets. Field is currently acting President of the Nassau Suffolk Water Commissioners Association and an active member and Chairwoman of the Working Group Committee of the Long Island Water Conference. She also held a board position on the Regional Planning Consortium for Children and Families dedicated to the mental health and wellness of today’s youth. Field’s dedication to truly listening to residents, welcoming challenges, and finding solutions has been essential to her success; and ensures she will be a transformative leader as the Supervisor of the Town of Oyster Bay. Her interactive leadership style, experience, and drive to further serve all residents will continue to move our economy and infrastructure forward and bring public service and community health back to Town government. 

Following her successful first term as Water Commissioner, in 2018 Field was named Long Island Power Woman in Business of the Year by the Long Island Press. In her personal time, she remains committed to increasing her knowledge of public policy and is currently enrolled at Cornell University in Citizens New York Health Leader Training Program. She currently lives in Old Bethpage, loves spending time with her son and circle of family and friends, and summers at the beach.




Carla Hoene is an engaged and experienced community advocate who believes in the power of public service. She is currently serving her second term on the Hicksville Board of Education and has held active leadership roles within the Hicksville community.  During her tenure on the Board, she has been committed to the equitable education, mental health and wellness of all students, and to strengthening and streamlining ‘school to community’ partnerships. Through her role as Co-Chairperson on the Policy Committee and her work on the Communications Committee she has developed a deep knowledge of the needs of the community, and how to build and implement change and structure with organizations.


She has demonstrated fiscal responsibility by helping to develop and pass the District’s budget in each year of her two terms on the Board; and has a keen understanding of the coordination and planning it takes to allocate resources productively to the benefit of the residents. Carla knows firsthand the importance of building relationships and promoting cooperation at all levels of an organization. She remains active throughout her community and is proud to be part of the Parent Leadership Initiative, a grassroots organization that empowers individuals to seek their own civic and leadership opportunities. Carla’s experience makes her uniquely qualified to implement a coordinated strategy to modernize the Town Clerk’s office and increase the responsiveness to residents’ needs.  She believes it is essential to immediately evaluate the deficiencies in existing systems, and to update and modernize the processes, digitize records and make services more accessible and less stressful for residents to navigate. 

She currently works in the assisted living field where she takes pride in caring for and serving our elder population with compassion and commitment. In her personal time, she is an avid reader, has a passion for history and travel, and revels in time spent with friends and family.




Reema Rasool is lifelong Oyster Bay resident, a serial entrepreneur, a community organizer, and connector. She has always known that to make the world around her a better place, she had to stand up for her community and get involved.


Reema completed her education at New York University and went on to start her own consulting firm, where she markets US infrastructure investments domestically and abroad. Reema is also the founder of SAYWE - a national not-for-profit trade association that connects and educates women who are interested in entrepreneurship.


Reema believes that our local government needs to take more interest and create more programs and initiatives to boost small business in Oyster Bay especially after the past year. As a Town Councilperson she will not only make plans for improvements, but will execute, follow through, and provide real help and support for the citizens of Oyster Bay.


Reema is a proud first generation American, the daughter of immigrants who came to New York for medical training and opened their medical practices in the early 1980s.


She is a mom of two boys, and has a passion for gardening and exploring different cultures through cooking.


Lisa Reinhardt is a life-long Hicksville resident who is actively engaged in the Town of Oyster Bay. Lisa regularly attends Town Board meetings, listens to residents’ concerns and advocates on topical issues. Well-respected and involved in her local community, she has a voice in Town government, and believes it is paramount for residents to have accessible opportunities to be heard and engage.


During her 20-plus year career in the corporate world, Lisa has acted as liaison between all levels of management, led detailed projects, managed staffing, allocated resources and served as the point-person for coordination of staff, clients and vendors. Lisa is currently on the School PTA Board, has held positions as Chairman of multiple committees, and was selected by the Hicksville School District as a Founder’s Day Honoree in 2021.

She began attending monthly Board meetings years ago to ask questions and advocate on local issues. Lisa was invited to join a Town Committee as a representative of the local community and has recently joined a local civic organization as a Booster in order to learn more about residents’ concerns. Lisa’s natural inclination for public service, deep sense of civic responsibility, and her first-hand knowledge of residents’ priorities, in connection to her corporate experience managing communications and synchronizing processes, make her an ideal Councilperson Candidate for the Town of Oyster Bay. Lisa is raising her daughter in the same community where she grew up and hopes to set an example of civic responsibility. In her personal time, she enjoys organizing school events and helping her daughter earn Girl Scout patches.




Nicky Kaur is a passionate and driven long-time resident of Hicksville. She holds a master’s degree in Economics and has worked as a corporate executive for over 20 years in multinational business for Fortune 500 companies.  She has a strong financial background, and a deep knowledge of how to develop successful organizations.

Nicky is naturally service-minded and has a great level of enthusiasm for community engagement. She holds leadership positions in local non-profit and parent organizations and has been instrumental in developing local youth programs to empower students to embrace diversity and be agents of change in their communities.

Nicky is uniquely qualified to help revitalize Oyster Bay, with the fiscal expertise to build a healthy infrastructure, and the community ties to encourage greater participation in Town government. Through her corporate and volunteer experience Nicky knows how to streamline processes, maximize efficiencies and build beneficial community-centric programs. She is committed to serving all residents, improving opportunities for constructive community input, and to ensuring the equal distribution of benefits and resources throughout the Town.

Nicky understands the importance of giving back to the community, a value rooted in her humble upbringing. She remains dedicated to fostering that spirit within her two children, who continue to inspire her to make a difference in the world. She loves taking short road trips to explore Long Island, and just sitting by the fire with her dearest family and friends.

Nicky KAUR


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