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Oyster Bay may confiscate food trucks and equipment over code violations

By Ted Phillips

May 13, 2021 5:40 PM

Oyster Bay could begin confiscating food trucks under a new local law to crack down on operators who sell food from vehicles.

The ordinance, which the town board adopted on May 4, will allow the town to temporarily seize the trucks and equipment if operators violate regulations and — subject to approval by a judge — sell them and deposit proceeds into the town’s coffers. The law will take effect once stamped by the New York Secretary of State.

Among violations that could result in the seizure of mobile food vehicles under the new rules include operating without a town license; not displaying the license on the vehicle; parking in a "public place" or street for more than 10 minutes without customers; operating for more than 30 minutes in a "public place" or street; or operating in one place for more than 30 minutes during a 24-hour period. The town could begin forfeiture proceedings if the food truck owner is found guilty. READ FULL ARTICLE HERE

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