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Amanda Field will Lead a Historic All-Female Slate of Strong, Experienced Community Leaders

Focused on Change and Government Accountability to Defeat the Town Republican Machine

OYSTER BAY, NY, March 1, 2021 – The Town of Oyster Bay Democrats announce the 2021 slate of candidates that will run against the incumbent Oyster Bay Republican machine currently running Town Hall.

Nassau Democrats have nominated a ticket composed of local elected officials, business professionals and community advocates. Led by supervisor candidate, Plainview Water Commissioner, Amanda Field who is a well-known government reformer and public health advocate, the slate includes Clerk candidate, Hicksville School Board member, Carla Hoene, and Town Council candidates, community activists, and corporate professionals, Nicky Kaur, Reema Rasool and Lisa Reinhardt. This election is about electing leaders we can trust; leaders that are not afraid to take on the Republican boys’ club and are ready to move Oyster Bay forward towards true economic recovery without raising taxes or fees.

“Town of Oyster Bay Republicans have long demonstrated a widespread betrayal of the voters’ trust,” says Jay Jacobs, Nassau County Democratic Chairman. “Our candidates are ready to fix the corrupt Oyster Bay government just as Laura Curran took on fixing the broken system and corruption left by the former Republican County Executive and his cronies in the Legislature."

“The Oyster Bay Republican Machine has proven that they don’t care about the residents,” says Dave Mejias Oyster Bay Democratic Town Leader and Nassau County Democratic Committee Vice Chairman. "In the midst of a global pandemic, while thousands of Town residents were unemployed and financially devastated, Joe Saladino and the Republican Oyster Bay Town Board secretly approved almost $700k in backdoor raises for their political cronies.”

Amanda Field ran for public office in 2016 to be the voice of the people, to ensure transparency and accountability, and protect public health. She has proven herself to be a force in changing existing culture; implementing new polices and putting new safety measures and systems in place.

“I took on a tough fight already to become a Water Commissioner and I am here to do it again,” says Field. “I will restore confidence during these trying times when the community needs new leadership. The residents are demanding action from their leaders, and they deserve it.”

She continued, “Oyster Bay taxpayers have suffered long-enough under Republican fiscal mismanagement. It is time to put the money back into the peoples’ pockets and stop driving the Town into greater debt while they continue to pad their pockets. The ‘business as usual’ era in Oyster Bay politics and government must come to an end. I am honored that Chairman Jacobs and the Democratic Committee have entrusted me to take on the Oyster Bay Republican machine.”

“This year we will make history in Oyster Bay,” says Mejias. “Not only will we take on the old boys’ network, we will do it with the first-ever all female slate of candidates with the courage, skill, and experience to change the culture of corruption and safeguard the taxpayers’ money.”

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